Focus on Youth

Focus on Youth-Centered Initiatives at SFV

Our Youth is our Virsa. Helping them to learn, appreciate and celebrate Sikh Maryada, Sikh way of life, and Gurbani is our sacred duty.  This year thanks to untiring efforts of your Sevadar, Surinder Singh Ji Sachdeva, SFV Youth and Education Coordinator, great strides were taken forward to open new venues for our youth to appreciate and love Sikhi.

PUNJABI SCHOOL:  In order to help our children learn Punjabi in a more systematic way, new curriculums and new ways to measure progress are being started for kids of different age groups. Thanks to dedication and help from volunteer teachers, our children are learning their mother language with more zeal and enthusiasm. We continue to need teachers for this initiative.

MOVIE NIGHT:  Movie night has become a new and successful event. Movies like “Sunny the Proud Sikh”(9/22), “Sundri” (8/24), “Taru Singh” (7/20), “Banda Singh” (6/22), and “Sahibzadeh” 12/21, etc. were quite successful in bringing our youth together and to familiarize them to Sikh history in fun way.

YOUTH CAMP:  A three night and 4 days youth camp (July 5-8), where children learned Gurbani, Kirtan, Sikh History, Sikh Maryada, Learning to tie a turban and  keski, and sports like Gatka in a fun-filled time together with friends.

SIKH HISTORY:  Workshop (Nov. 11) and JEOPARDY(Aug. 11). Both these programs were great teaching tools for our youth. Over 3 dozens of our youth learned Sikh History and got to learn and remember about their Gurus, Gurbani, and history so well in a short time that adult onlookers were pleasantly surprised.

CARING and SHARING:  1+1 = 11.  This was an interfaith Forum where members of our congregation and visiting guests from other faiths had a dialog about the value and meanings of Seva.

BOLSTERING SELF RESPECT AND INNER STRENGH:  SFV celebrated “KAURs” -  Shaheed Singhnian,  and brought a message of “SIKH SPIRIT” to our congregation on December 15. This event was intended to be an educational dialog, especially to inspire and educate the young Sikhs, about Sikh women who made the supreme sacrifices to nurture Sikhi in its infancy. At this occasion, Ms. Balpreet Kaur (from Cincinnati) and her mother Harvinder Kaur were invited to share their thoughts and inspire our youth and rest of our congregation. The value and providence of higher Inner Strength  vs. Outer Appearance of a person  became the focus of this evenings dialog. Who else but Ms. Balpreet Kaur, who portrays a living example of the value of inner strength for a Sikh, could have brought this message home so well?  It is a real tribute to the Sikh Spirit of “Chardi Kala” with which Balpreet lives her Sikh life, that recently, on December 28, 2012, Balpreet Kaur was selected as Huffington Post Religion’s Person Of The Year for 2012.

HELPING THE NEEDY:  Our youth was mobilized in helping others and learning the value and great feeling Seva brings. Cases of bottled water were collected at Gurdwara Sahib and delivered to Local Food Bank. 250 food wraps were made and deliverd to a Food Bank.  School supplies were sollected from SFV Sangat and delivered to needy area children through ECHO organization of Springfield, VA. Blankets and warm outer-wear were collected from our congregation by our youth and sent to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Ajaib Singh, Chairman SFV year 2012-2013