Sikh Invocation In The Virginia State Senate Chamber

21 March 2016

At the invitation of the Virginia State senate legislative body, a delegation of the Sikh Foundation of Virginia Gurdwara Sahib visited the Capitol in Richmond, Virginia to perform Sikh Invocation at the start of the Senate’s March 7, 2016 session.  Dr. Ajaib Singh offered the Sikh invocation on the floor of the Senate chamber invoking the Sikh message of universal brotherhood, truthful living and honest hard work, and seeking the well-being of all human kind.  The invocation sought that Almighty God grant us wisdom and courage, and inspire us with vision so that Americans of all faiths and colors continue to be a force for hope and freedom throughout the world. It further beseeched that God’s grace and presence be with the Members of the Senate as they fulfill duties of their office and serve Him by serving the people of the Commonwealth and the United States of America.Surjeet Sidhu